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Bring on the Trojan Mice

February 25, 2013


My presentation to Pedagoo London for those of you who want to listen to it (courtesy of Leon Cych aka @eyebeams). The Trojan Mouse in the picture above is an adapted Logitech device used by online security firm Netragard to penetrate the networks of one of its clients. The mouse was fitted with malware that, […]

‘Doing’ Pedagogy as a Member of SLT

February 17, 2013


This is the ‘doing’ post that I most feel the need to write. It is the part of my work on two Senior Leadership Teams of which I am most proud, mainly because it is the thing I most believe in as a way to make schools better. Curriculum reform is interesting but soulless. Staff […]

The Myth of Progress Within Lessons

February 12, 2013


My heckles are risen so I need to post this and post it quick.  Let me nail my colours to the mast here and make a bold, unequivocal statement: There is no such thing as progress within lessons.  There is only learning. And let me make a second, equally bold and unequivocal statement to back […]

KS4 Reforms and Accountability: The Good and the Bad

February 7, 2013


Preamble This blogpost is a fairly immediate response to the government’s response to the consultation about KS4 Reforms (hereafter to be known as “Gove’s humiliating climbdown” if twitter and twiggy are to be believed) and the new consultation on changes to Accountability in Secondary Schools. I apologise if my early reading proves to be woefully […]

Mr Podhajecki and the Airfix Kid

February 6, 2013


I sometimes think that the students who arrive at secondary schools are a bit like the Airfix kits that my brother used to love and be so brilliant at (we had them hanging from the ceiling in dogfighter poses). Some are fully fashioned, needing only the careful application of the stickers and paint to make […]

Muppefying™ the Middle

February 1, 2013


At long last, the Muppet Leaders™ organisation is delighted to announce the development of its first accredited residential course aimed solely at aspiring Senior Leaders: Muppefying the Middle™. This course, the first of its kind, is designed to ensure that the next breed of Muppet Leaders™ are nurtured through the sometimes traumatic process of Muppefication™, […]