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Zayn Malik, the Bullies and Me: Why I Left 1D or “The Story of MY Life”

September 26, 2015


“Written in these walls are the stories that I can’t explain.” I’ve always loved music, although I make no claims to be a purist in doing so.  Anything that makes me smile will do, and so the tracks on my ipod are eclectic if nothing else.  Perhaps what I love most about music is the […]

Performance Appraisal – Tweaking to Transform, For Now!

September 21, 2015


Let me nail my colours to the mast from the outset, Performance Appraisal is pretty much the poorest process one could design to bring about sustainable, holistic, authentic, purposeful and ethical school improvement.  Mark me, I’m not talking about Performance Related Pay here, although I have done so previously and I have almost as little […]

The Red Mist Descends

September 18, 2015


Originally written for Labour Teachers I don’t know what happened to me this morning but, within five minutes of opening the Guardian app to purvey the headlines, the red mist descended. I found myself properly angry and more than a little ashamed of being British.  I don’t know if it was the fact that the […]

Live Blog from ResearchED 2015

September 5, 2015


Okay, so here’s my first attempt at a live blog. Already an admission that I’m late and missed the first session because my daughter has her 11+ today and so, as always, life comes before education.  But here I am now and already roped in as a helper (the perils of getting to know Hélène […]