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Mosquito Moments – When Leaders Stop Listening

November 22, 2012


First of all, let me say that I think most members of senior leadership teams within schools do the job for all the right reasons. They do it because they care about students and their futures. They do it because they care about staff and their professional development and personal well being. And they do […]

Phenomenally Lovely, Naturally – An Alternative PLN

November 17, 2012


The first thing I’m going to do in this post is risk the wrath of many people I respect and like on Twitter. Apologies in advance if this is you, but I really can not stand the phrase Personal Learning Network and, as a result, the acronym PLN. There. I said it. And I’m going […]

The Shape of Things to Come?

November 9, 2012


By New Year 2012 I’d reached the stage in my career where, for the first time, I was looking at the prospect of becoming a Headteacher and thinking “I could – perhaps – do this”. Since becoming a Head of English in 2000 I knew that Headship was something I really wanted to do, but […]

Round and Round the Table

November 4, 2012


Here’s my contribution to the @headsroundtable Six Point Plan. I know others have had their say, and cogently so, but I’ve never been one to keep my nose out of things like this as shown by my previous posts on Mobilising our Professionalism and What the Twitter Head Should Do Next. I would, though, highly […]

Twitter – My Magical Muse

November 3, 2012


I met Twitter for professional reasons in the first instance. I followed her because she had something I thought would enhance my teaching (and my leadership). She talked a lot of sense and she looked gorgeous, with that touch of mystique that was almost foreign to a plodder like me. She said some amazingly incisive […]

Each Sparkle and Each Spangle

November 2, 2012


I love Gloria Gaynor’s disco classic ‘I am what I am’. Love it. Always have done. Always will do. I remember as an 18 year old being at a party, rather the worse for wear, and taking over DJing duties late into the evening. After the fifth repetition of Gloria the rest of the partygoers […]