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‘Doing’ Data as a Member of SLT

October 30, 2012


In amongst my posts about dead cats and serendipity I have to remember that I started this personal blog in response to a request to give some Yoda-like advice about being a successful member of a successful SLT. And I haven’t done so since my very first post so here goes with the biggie: being […]

On Cats and Mortality – An Uplifting Tail

October 28, 2012


On reading the blogposts by @johntomsett and @headguruteacher I ended up having a few twitversations with people about mortality and resolved to follow serendipity (see my previous post) once again. But I had concerns on two fronts. The first was that both posts were so well written and so eloquent in their expressions of loss, […]

What the Twitter Headteachers Should Do Next

October 23, 2012


The so-called Twitter Headteachers of the Guardian article this morning really do need to hit the ground running and provide a platform that teachers can support. They need to provide a positive, policy focused framework to which we can all subscribe. The first thing that they should do to achieve this, in my humble opinion, […]

Serendipity and the E in Me

October 20, 2012


I love serendipity. I love it as a word. I love it as a concept. Most of all I love it as a way of living life. For the uninformed (and bizarrely it wasn’t a word I’d really come across until I first saw the film of the same name) the definitions are: 1. The […]

The Innate Iliberalism of Liberalism

October 13, 2012


Am having one of my ding dongs with @ieshasmall about page 3. Love these twitterbattles with her. We seem to be on the same page for so many things and yet somehow always seem to be arguing from within a shared viewpoint about the ‘hows’ not the ‘whats’ or ‘whys’ of issues. This morning, as […]