Guerilla Recruitment & Beating the System

June 4, 2016


Back in 2011 the BBC News website reported that schools were spending an astonishing £293 million on supply staff. By 2015 that figure, as reported by the same news agency, had risen from the astonishing to the mind-boggling, with costs being reported as £733 million. I have no doubt about the fact that by […]

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The White Paper: Not the Right Paper. Chapter 3: Nonsensical Ideas

March 23, 2016


Taking my lead from the DfE’s White Paper, ‘Educational Excellence Everywhere’ (EEE), I have written this blogpost in three chapters. The first was all about the ‘big ideas’ in the White Paper. The second was all about what I considered to be the ‘important ideas‘. In this final chapter I want to explain why I […]

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The White Paper: Not the Right Paper. Chapter 2: Interesting Ideas

March 22, 2016


Yesterday I wrote the first chapter of my response to the DfE’s White Paper, Educational Excellence Everywhere (EEE). In it I outlined my thoughts about the ‘big ideas’, as I saw them, in the document. In this chapter I want to focus on the ‘interesting ideas’ before, in the next and final chapter, putting the […]

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The White Paper: Not the Right Paper – Chapter 1: Big Ideas

March 21, 2016


It has taken me four days to get through the DfE’s White Paper, ‘Educational Excellence Everywhere’. And when I say four days, I actually mean many, many hours. Far too many for a 128-page document. The last thing I read before it was Zola’s Thérèse Raquin and that took me less time despite weighing in […]

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Undergirding and ESP

January 30, 2016


About three years ago, in the middle of an SLT meeting, I used the word ‘undergird’ to describe how we needed to support staff. As is their wont, a couple of my colleagues reached for their smartphone to google (other search engines can be used) to check whether or not I had coined yet another […]

The Mysterious Resurrection of the Norwegian Blue National Strategies

January 10, 2016


“I wish to register a complaint.” Thus begins the famous “Dead Parrot” sketch from the Monty Python team.  Well, I wish to take up the complaint because, like John Cleese’s Mr Praline character in the sketch, I feel like someone keeps trying to sell me (and the education system generally) a dead parrot. In this instance […]

Canons Park TSA Conference – 5th & 6th February 2016

December 3, 2015


“A lot has been said and written about ‘system leadership’ and the ‘self-improving school system’, but I am not always convinced that what is actually being done in the name of these concepts is being done well, being done right or being done in a way that ensures that it lasts.  When Canons set up […]

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