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The Impoverishment of Policies on Poverty

June 28, 2015


Labour Teachers Blogpost –   “Education. Education. Education.” Those famous top three priorities of the soon to be incoming Blairite administration. True, there was an awful lot of money thrown at schools in the late-1990s and early-2000s. Much of it did a lot of good too. Much more of it, however, went the way all public […]

The Plane Absurdity of Autocratic Rulers

June 28, 2015


First of all, apologies to all English teachers and fastidious grammarians out there for the title of this post. I am utterly convinced that you will be fidgeting uncomfortably at the sight of the misspelling in the title. Rest assured, fellow travellers, it’s a homophone deliberately wrought for artistic effect. I have my license to […]

Just Answer the Bloody Question

June 8, 2015


Originally posted on the Labour Teachers blog site.  Imagine. You’ve settled your feisty little year seven class down after a wind-swept, thunder-stricken, snow-confettied lunch-break. If you’re a teacher you’ll get the picture instantly. You survey the now-impeccably-behaved, lion-tamed cohort in front of you, put the chair and whip away (metaphorically-speaking for any safeguarding-smitten inspectorate out […]

Doing Distributive Leadership as a Headteacher

June 2, 2015


This is my first ‘doing’ post as a Headteacher, but I thought it was about time to begin looking back at what has been going on at Canons since I took a hold of the reins last September.  In fact, the aim of this post is to show how I have tried not to take […]