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A Boxer Rebellion En Route to the Knacker’s Yard?

July 28, 2015


To start, an English teacher’s confession.  The first literary character that almost literally broke my heart was not Romeo or Juliet (or their contemporary equivalents, Kevin or Sadie from Across the Barricades), not Tess, not Cathy, and not even for Philip Pirrip.  No, the first time my tears stained the pages of a novel (or, in […]

My Mentor: The Crazed Loony Leftie?

July 20, 2015


Posted on Labour Teachers.  I’ve posted before (on my dailygenius blogsite) about Mr Podhajecki. On that occasion it was about how he helped me through a difficult point in my personal life, and how I became a teacher largely because of him. Just as importantly, though, Mr Pod – as he always was and always […]

The Tree Doesn’t Plead with the Poorly-Placed Palisade

July 11, 2015


It was with a certain amount of reluctance that I agreed to be interviewed by a Schools Week reporter about my views on the government’s decision not to include legacy qualifications in the 2018 performance tables.  That reluctance was twofold. Firstly because by placing one’s head over the parapet (individually), and one’s Head over the […]