Making Little Research Big – A Meeting With Kevan Collins

April 2, 2014


Since becoming members of the Teacher Development Trust’s ‘National Teacher Enquiry Network’ a number of opportunities have come the way of Canons High School. The latest of these was a general invitation to NTEN members to meet as a very small (I hesitate to use the word intimate) group with the CEO of the Education […]

Clinical Practice in Education: Panacea, Placebo or Suppository

April 2, 2014


Preamble Having written more than one blogpost criticising the use of medical language and metaphors in education, I rather find myself on the back foot with the title of this post and its content. Let me deal with that straight away. My concerns about Big Research in the form of Randomised Control Trials (taken from […]

Student Voice: An Educational Schlieffen Plan?

March 23, 2014


Although I’m an English teacher by training and by trade, throughout further and higher education I was a student of both literature and history. The choice of the latter was unexpected for me: I’d only achieved a grade D in GCSE History, having failed to be ignited by the dampened matches of “the History of […]

Pedagoo London 2014 – Even More Gooey

March 10, 2014


Well, what a day Saturday 8th March was! Pedagoo London returned, courtesy of the (and I know I’m biased here, but I don’t care) wonderful Hélène. The first event under this moniker was the best education conference I’ve ever been to in terms of the genuine warmth it exuded. I was worried beforehand that the […]

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Scared Crows in the Panopticon

February 23, 2014


I love the notion of the panopticon as a metaphor for contemporary society. Or rather, I hate the notion of the panopticon as a metaphor for contemporary society, but love teaching it to my Y13 Sociology students and am utterly fascinated by it. For the uninitiated, the panopticon was a prison designed by Jeremy Bentham […]

You’re My Teach First, My Teach Last, My Teach Everything

January 11, 2014


Two confessions to begin this post. The first is that the title is a shameless decision, made purely so that I can crowbar in a Barry White choon. The second confession is that I am not a Teach Firster. I know. I know. God please forgive me, but nearly 20 years ago I went to […]


Shift Happened: So What?

December 15, 2013


Okay. Let’s start this blogpost with a mea culpa. I showed ‘Shift Happens’ on an INSET day. I know, I know… In mitigation everyone (and I mean EVERYONE!!) was showing it, and most people not showing it were enjoying it. It captured the zeitgeist of the nascent Google, Facebook and Twitter generation perfectly and it […]

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